The National Initiative for Social Development INDS whose guidelines were outlined in the Letter of the President of the Republic dated January 9, 2007 , is now the framework for economic and social development .
The guidelines set involves three challenges :
developing a comprehensive strategy for poverty reduction with a priority action plan for 2008 – 2011 ;
the development of an innovative tangible impact on poverty , inequality and vulnerability program;
the development of a system of poverty monitoring and follow-up evaluation of the INDS .
The missions of the Secretary of State are keyed to these three challenges , the general mandate is defined by Decree No. 2008-093/PRE of 3 April 2008 establishing the powers of members of the Government states that ,
 » The Secretary of State [ for National Solidarity ] is responsible, under the authority of the Prime Minister , the application of the policy to fight against poverty and the promotion of national solidarity with the basic objective to implement the New National Initiative for Social Development ( INDS ) launched in January 2007 by the President of the Republic. The Djibouti Social Development Agency and the Draft Development of Microfinance and Microenterprise are under the supervision of the Secretary of State. « 

Its specific tasks are to :

  • facilitate the process of preparation, monitoring and evaluation of update INDS ;
  • develop and monitor the implementation of policies, programs and projects targeted at the poor population groups or experiencing a situation of vulnerability and exclusion ;
  • mobilize resources , communicate and promote technical and financial partnerships around the INDS , especially those targeted at the poor or vulnerable groups ;
  • conduct activities that develop effective mechanisms for implementation of programs to fight against poverty and thereby maximizing the effect of the latter.

To respond efficiently to its missions , the State Secretariat is in a lightweight structure with a Private Secretariat and four « poles » of expertise working under the direct supervision of the Secretary of State :

  • Pole « Communication and Partnerships  » division which mainly communication , resource mobilization , coordination with development partners and aid coordination , the revitalization of the participatory approach in the context of the implementation of the INDS ;
  • pole « Management and Monitoring and Evaluation of the INDS  » with the mission implementation and operation of the institutional and technical management and monitoring and evaluation of the INDS , MDG monitoring and indica tors , the specific monitoring of outcomes and impacts of programs and projects in the scope of action of the NSSS ;
  • pole « Studies and Projects » in charge of the establishment of NSIS action plans, advisory support to my sharing of technical project files , management of sectoral studies and the study of good practices;
  • Pole « Management and Organization » division, which coordinates the overall administration , financial and personnel NSIS advisory support for the organization and the financial management of organizations and projects under supervision , monitoring of resources mobilized and disbursements by organizations and projects under supervision