The Republic of Djibouti , with an area of 23,200 km2 , is located in the Horn of Africa, at the Strait of Bab el- Mandeb between the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. It has borders with Ethiopia , Somalia and Eritrea. An area greater than 23,000 km2 , the country has about 700,000 inhabitants , composed of indigenous peoples ( Afar , Somali ) . 80 % of the population is grouped in the capital, 10% in the capitals of the country (Ali Sabih , Arta, Dikhil Obock and Tadjourah ) and 10% in rural areas. The rural population is nomadic tradition but tends to settle , due to droughts . Rainfall, very low ( about 150mm on average) and irregular supply a dense but perennial rivers network are rivers flow temporarily , as
Djibouti is one of the least developed countries (LDCs) under the category of middle-income countries of the bottom , as proposed by the World Bank classification.
Djibouti’s economy is based primarily on the activities of the tertiary sector, which account for about 80% of the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP). Port activity and the resulting international trade operations dominate this sector. The primary sector accounts for only 5 % of GDP due to particularly harsh climatic conditions: aridity and weaknesses of water resources. However, fishing is a promising sector , given the importance of fishery resources. The secondary sector , it represents about 15% of GDP, it is still underdeveloped due to the scarcity of natural resources, limited local market which are added the cost of inputs particularly high especially regarding the cost of energy and wages. The state is the largest employer