Mahdi Mohamed Djama DG adds

The primary mission of our agency is to achieve the objectives of the National Initiative for Social Development (INDS), launched earlier in 2007 by the Head of State of Djibouti, which is based on the principle of national solidarity.
More than a concept, national solidarity is a value dear to Djibouti. Better still, it continues to inspire the draft presidential society. The President of the Republic, Mr. Ismail Omar Guelleh in person, has strongly reaffirmed during the celebration of the first national day of solidarity (12 January 2008). « We will do everything to ensure that our vulnerable compatriots are pulled out of poverty and insecurity and flourish in their lives every day, » said in substance the Head of State in his speech.
Such statements raise for us the guarantee of a true foundation that maintains the hope that poverty can be eradicated. We support the development of our country by the actions of people and assistance now seems the only way we can get people of this inequality that continues to grow in recent years, a strong side growth and further impoverishment of the population. While housing, sleep well eat well, that allows the human being to be well educated, well help build his company.

General Manager of ADDS